Step 7: Probationary Acceptance

Granting of Probationary Acceptance / Starting the Warranty Period.

Granting of Probationary Acceptance begins the “Warranty Period”. The Standard warranty period runs for one (1) year, but may be extended under certain conditions.

ACWWA will grant Probationary Acceptance when:

  • Construction Close Out Items are complete
  • Verification of sufficient funds are in the Imprest Account to cover final expenses
  • As-Builts drawings of ACWWA’s facilities have been approved
  • Conveyance and Acceptance of facilities have been approved
  • ACWWA can continuously use the line(s) or facility(s) for its intended use
A Tap is considered activated at the time the water meter installation is complete, and inspection and acceptance of the installation has been made by ACWWA.  Once activated, the customer will begin receiving service.

Once Probationary Acceptance has been granted, the Applicant may request a reduction in the Financial Guarantee (this may have been submitted in the form of a Letter of Credit or cash) per ACWWA’s Rules and Regulations.  The reduction may result in a substantial refund/reduction to the Applicant; however, the Applicant must initiate this process.  This process is initiated by contacting the Development Services Department.

ACWWA will refund any remaining balance in the Imprest Account due to the Applicant within 90 business days from the date Probationary Acceptance was granted. Please be sure to notify ACWWA if there has been any change in the contact/address information.

The owner will be held responsible for the proper functioning of all items installed, for up to one (1) year from the date Probationary Acceptance was granted.  Any malfunction during this period of inspection shall be remedied by the Applicant to the satisfaction of ACWWA at no expense to ACWWA.  

ACWWA will inspect the lines or facility(s) in the 11th month of the warranty period and a punch list will be issued which the contractor/developer must complete within 30 days.  If not completed within 30 days, ACWWA has the right to contract for completion of the work and deduct that cost of work from the letter of credit or cash deposit and extend the warranty period as deemed necessary.  Any costs incurred by ACWWA over the balance of the letter of credit or cash deposit shall be charged to the owner.