Step 5: Pre-Construction Meeting

The Pre-Construction meeting provides information on how ACWWA will interact with your contractors in the field and can provide advice on how to make the inspections process run smoothly. 

How to schedule a Pre-Construction Meeting:
  • Developer completes and submits the Pre-Construction Packet to ACWWA’s Construction/Inspection Department (developer may request pre-construction meeting at this time)
  • Developer requests a Pre-Construction meeting via email or phone
  • ACWWA coordinates available times and schedules the Pre-Construction meeting
During the Pre-Construction meeting, ACWWA will review and explain all the information contained in the Pre-Construction packet that was approved by ACWWA and discuss any concerns you may have regarding the construction process.  Contractors must be qualified to perform work on ACWWA utilities: Pre-Qualified Contractors Lists

ACWWA recognizes that changes may occur during construction.  Some changes may warrant the need to hold additional pre-construction meetings. The following is a list of such items necessitating subsequent pre-construction meetings:
  • Change in general contractor
  • Change in utility contractor
  • Changes in subsurface / site conditions
  • Other issues which, in ACWWA’s opinion, need to be addressed before construction commences/continues
  • Delays in construction (either starting or during construction) *
*The first inspection must occur within 60 days of the original Pre-Construction meeting or the project will be considered a “Delayed Start” and will require another Pre-Construction meeting. 

To schedule your pre-construction meeting contact:

Ed Trujillo - Construction & Inspection Supervisor
Direct: 720-645-1415