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ACWWA Flow Project & Chambers Reservoir

Project Information & Updates

The ACWWA Flow Project is a water supply project which began in 2009, the purpose for which will be, to better serve the Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWWA) service area. Upon its completion, the ACWWA Flow Project will provide an annual average delivery of 4,400 acre-feet of renewable water to the ACWWA service area. This new water will supplement current water supplies, providing a secure and high quality water source for current and future ACWWA customers.

Project Components

The components of the project are:

  • Renewable water rights from the South Platte River Basin
  • 1,400 acre-foot storage in Chambers Reservoir
  • Water treatment capacity in the East Cherry Creek Valley (ECCV) Water Treatment Plant
  • Water supply wells, storage, and infrastructure to deliver water to the ECCV Water Treatment Plant (near Barr Lake)
  • ACWWA water carrying capacity in the ECCV Northern Pipeline, a 48” pipeline from the Barr Lake area to the ECCV service area
  • Interconnection to deliver water supplies from the ECCV service area to ACWWA’s service area

In the Beginning

By beginning this project in 2009, ACWWA took advantage of lower interest rates and lower construction costs providing more value to its customers. In a period when groundwater levels are continuing to decline in the South Metro Denver area, it is critical for water providers to secure renewable water supplies.

First Water Deliveries

Starting in 2013, ACWWA began delivery of ACWWA Flow water to its customers. Currently, it is supplying about a sixty percent (60%) of its total water supply from the project. This is good news not only because it has taken pressure off the use of ACWWA’s non-renewable groundwater sources, but because it has also added a water supply with lower hardness and lower Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

Improving Water Quality

The water deliveries from the ACWWA Flow Project are of high quality water.  This blended with existing supplies has improved overall water quality in the ACWWA system.  ACWWA is working towards continuing to improve its water quality by blending its water sources, expanding its non-potable irrigation system and modifying its operations.

Chambers Reservoir

By 2013, the 1,400 acre-foot reservoir, located on the southwest corner of E-470 and Chambers Road has been excavated and a pump station was installed.  Work is continuing to resolve some start-up issues.  When complete, this will allow ACWWA the ability to better optimize the use of its water supplies by supporting the expansion of ACWWA’s non-potable irrigation system.