Step 1: Pre-Submittal Meeting

Schedule and Attend a Pre-Submittal Meeting.

ACWWA requires a Pre-Submittal meeting for all development projects.  We also recommend that you schedule the meeting early on in the process.  This meeting is offered at no cost to you.  Landowners, business owners, developers and their consultants who are interested in proceeding with a specific development project should attend.  As a follow up to the meeting, you will be provided detailed notes from the meeting to guide you and your consultants in making your initial submittals.

To schedule a Pre-Submittal meeting, complete and submit the Pre-Submittal Meeting scheduling form. The on-line scheduling form provides ACWWA with the general information for your project.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your request and available times to hold the Pre-Submittal meeting.

At the Pre-Submittal meeting, ACWWA will furnish an information packet to provide you with the necessary information to make the review process as informative and smooth as possible.  The packet will include the following review materials; you may click on the respective links to review them in advance of the meeting.  We suggest you review these links prior to the meeting:

The Step by Step Checklist (“Checklist”) will be used as a guideline during the Pre-Submittal meeting to help identify project requirements and highlight any special concerns or considerations to incorporate into the plan.  The checklist components consist of: