Step 3: Engineering Plan Review

Time to submit your water and/or sewer utility plans for review.

All plans must be prepared by professional engineer(s) and follow specific criteria for each submittal.  Submittal information and requirements can be found ACWWA Development Submittal Information.  Submittals are to include one hard copy and one PDF copy.  

Each submittal will be reviewed and comments returned within 10 business days.  

The amount of your review fees and the time needed for review of your specific project are related to the size and complexity of the project as well as the quality of the engineering of the proposed facilities.  Additional time and fees will be necessary for submittals which request variances from ACWWA’s Rules and Regulations and design and construction standards.

The following is a check list of what most developments will need to submit.  

Submittal check list:

Project Information:
  • Plumbing plans
If required (determined during pre-submittal meeting):
  • Submit Special Agreement(s) – MOU/IGA/License/Access/etc.
  • Reg 84 permit (reuse irrigation water) 
  • Inclusion into ACWW-Public Improvement District approved

Submit plans to:

Wade Wheatlake, PE - Development Review Consultant
Direct: 303-353-3683