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Getting Started

ACWWA requires plans be submitted and approved separately from the Town/City/County.  Developers pursuing new projects or renovations of existing commercial property will need to contact the respective city, county or town in which the project is located and submit plans for review and approval separate from the applicants that must be submitted to and approved by ACWWA

You may be contacting ACWWA directly or you may have been referred by one of the Towns, Cities or Counties.  In either case, ACWWA is looking forward to helping you through the development process.

As you read through this handbook, you will find materials and links that are provided to offer information that explains what is involved in each step from start to finish of the development review process.  In addition, tools are provided in the workbook to help you estimate your water and sewer related tap costs.   

Please take a moment and review our Development Process Step by Step Development Diagram.  This diagram is provided to help you understand the steps you’ll work with ACWWA on throughout the entirety of the process.  You may also want to also review our Step by Step Development Checklist.  This checklist will introduce you to each of the items that are covered for most of the developments that ACWWA processes.  Depending on the complexity of your development, this list may also be tailored to suit your specific needs, which are determined during the Pre-Submittal meeting.

If at any time you would like to speak to someone at ACWWA about your project, please feel free to contact us. You may start your communications at any time by contacting the Development Services department, who will be able to guide you through the process.

Development Services Department:

Danae Walker - Engineering Business Support Technician
           Direct: 303-790-4830 Ext. 312

Ed Trujillo - Construction & Inspection Supervisor
Direct: 720-645-1415