Step 6: Construction

Completing the Construction Process.

During construction, routine inspections are done by ACWWA’s construction/inspection staff to ensure the site continues to comply with ACWWA standards.

The developer or developer’s construction contractor must schedule inspections as were defined in the pre-construction meeting.  Normal Inspection hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The developer or developer’s construction contractor is required to ensure the proper elements of the installation have been inspected by ACWWA’s construction inspection department.

If construction is planned for the weekend, work must be scheduled and approved by the Wednesday prior to the weekend of the planned work. If an inspector is unavailable that weekend, the trench must be left open for inspection on the following business day.

During the construction process water will be made available for testing purposes, but will be shut off and locked immediately after testing by ACWWA and will not be turned on until issuance of Probationary Acceptance.

Once construction is complete and paving that contains any surface features has progressed to the first lift, a walkthrough will be conducted. A punch-list will be created, if any items are found to be unacceptable. Punch-list Items and the following construction Close Out items must be submitted and approved 30 days after the date of the walk through.

Construction Close Out Items: