What can I do if I smell an odor I think is coming from the plant?

First of all, it is important to understand that odors are generated from every phase of wastewater management, including collection, treatment, and disposal, and that odors are impossible to prevent.  Please wait at least one hour before you consider calling our office.  Most odors, if detected, are temporary and will dissipate as quickly as they occur.  If the odor persists for over an hour and occurs in the same location you originally noticed it, you may call ACWWA, 303-790-4830, to inform the staff you detect an odor. Staff will ask you for the following information:

- Your name, address, and phone number;

- Information about the odor; such as, what time you noticed it, is it still noticeable, a description of the odor (refer to the Odorous Compounds In Wastewater table) and how strong is the odor.

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