Why does ACWWA need additional water?
ACWWA’s current supply of water primarily consists of deep groundwater wells and shallow alluvial wells along Cherry Creek. There are two major components as to why ACWWA needs additional water supply.

1. Groundwater levels have been diminishing due to the mining of groundwater (pumping the groundwater faster than it is recharging). ACWWA is seeing evidence of this. Due to this issue, our current supplies may not be adequate to supply current demands over time.
2. While ACWWA has long been developing various water supplies, including renewable water rights, due to the limitations of our physical location we simply cannot find all the water supplies we need within our service area to adequately serve all ACWWA customers; hence the reason for looking beyond our borders for additional water supplies.

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1. What is the ACWWA Flow Project?
2. Why does ACWWA need additional water?
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7. What is East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District (ECCV) and why are we working with it on this project?
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11. I don’t like the taste of my water right now, will this project make it better?
12. Would we need this project if the ACWWA service area stopped growing?
13. If renewable water is so important, why didn’t ACWWA acquire some before?
14. Will the project only serve new development?
15. Does the additional water from this project mean an end to watering restrictions at ACWWA?
16. When will ACWWA Customers see water from the ACWWA Flow Project?
17. How will this project impact my property value?
18. Will this project help us get through a drought?
19. How will this affect ACWWA’s rates and fees?