How are our water rates determined?
ACWWA’s water rates are formulated using methodologies developed by the American Water Works Association, a nationally recognized water industry group. The method develops rates based on the cost of providing service to various classes of customers.

For ACWWA these classes include residential and commercial / industrial. In large part, the cost of providing service to a customer class depends on the demand characteristics of that class, e.g. maximum day delivery demands, annual volume used, etc.

In addition, water rate development also considers the fact that not all of ACWWA’s water customers are located in the ACWWPID property taxing area, contractual obligations that ACWWA has with various neighborhoods (Chapparal, Antelope, Foxfield, etc.), and commitments made to the holders of ACWWA’s bond debt.

Finally, the water rate structure reflects ACWWA’s efforts to promote water conservation. The rate structure, commonly called an inclining block, charges more for increased water usage.

In 2016, ACWWA conducted a Cost of Service Study which worked to achieve ACWWA's stated policy, operation, and capital goals, and place ACWWA in the best position to maintain revenue sufficiency. Use the following link to view a full copy of this study: Cost of Service Study

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