What is the ACWWPID?
The Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Public Improvement District (PID) is a taxing unit of Arapahoe County and a political subdivision of the State created pursuant to the “County Public Improvement District Act of 1968” (C.R.S. 30-20-501 et seq., the “District Act”) for the purpose of financing and providing the construction of water and sanitary sewer improvements.

Formation of the PID was initiated by a group of property owners who filed a petition (the “Petition”) for the PID’s organization in accordance with the requirements of the District Act. The Petition was approved by the Arapahoe County Commissioners on July 10, 2001, pursuant to a resolution (the “Approval Resolution”), and the matter of the PID’s formation was submitted to the district’s electors on November 6, 2001.

Following a successful election, the PID was formed on December 4, 2001, pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Arapahoe Commissioners. The boundaries of the PID overlap with a portion of City of Centennial and a small portion of the Town of Foxfield. As required by the District Act, the formation of the PID was approved by the City of Centennial on June 21, 2001.

In addition, in the manner required by the District Act, on November 25, 2003, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners consented to the inclusion within the PID of approximately 117 acres of property located in Douglas County.

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